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The story behind Angela Pigiami e Dintorni started in India, during a long-dreamed travel which quickly turned into love at first sight for Indian culture, passion for colors and textiles. A love that thrives on colors, flowers and scents, on fiery sunsets and majestic palaces. A love that is also nurtured through the discovery of the ancient Indian textile art. Passion for unique fabrics decorated in small workshops of local artisans that even today keep printing fabrics using only the Blockprint technique.

An idea that soon became reality. From selecting and buying the precious local fabrics, to transforming them into sophisticated and elegant nightwear: pyjamas, nightgowns, kimonos, but also pashminas and stoles. This is the story of Angela Pigiami e Dintorni. A unique collection of pieces made exclusively by hand with a lot of passion and creativity.

Flowers, branches, leaves, peacock feathers, geometric motifs are the subject of the patterns created by Indian artisans and secretly kept in their family’s workshop.


The patterns are patiently and carefully carved on blocks of teak wood. Each block is dipped into a different dye and with slow and precise layering, it can print up to 2000 meters of fabric. The natural dyes used, are originated from plants: yellow is obtained from the peel of the pomegranate and turmeric, the red comes from the madder root and the cochineal, the indigo blue is extracted from the leaves of a shrub, the indigofera.

From one printing step to the other, the fabrics are dipped in large containers for the dyeing process. The fabric are then rinsed, wrung out, hung out to dry naturally in the sun.
Cotton, muslin, linen, silk, velvet, wool and cachemire are used to create our products.


In Italy in our creative office, the patterns and the prototypes are realized. Our tailors cut and sew by hand the precious fabrics: here our pyjamas and other garments come to life. We passionately create unique pieces keeping elegance and comfort always in mind. Our fabrics are attentively selected, tested to ensure the best quality.

Each garment being handcrafted, has “imperfections” which shouldn’t be perceived as defects but rather prove the uniqueness of the items. Firstly, fabrics, buttons, hems are meticulously selected; then our team spends hours of work putting the finishing touches and creates the best products for our clients. Wearing our garments embodies emotions and passion from the people who contributed to every step of the creative process.

The greatest luxury you can give yourself, is sleep

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